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ekey makes your home more intelligent.

Integrating ekey finger scanners into building control systems


There is already a wide selection of different manufacturers making building control systems which are designed to make 21st century life as comfortable and safe as possible for you. However, by using the ekey fingerprint access control system, these systems can now detect „who“ triggers an action and therefore make it possible to control, manage, or grant access to your building based on a particular person.


By integrating ekey fingerprint access control solutions into your building control system, you get lots of new options:

  • With ekey, the house knows who is present and who is not in the house.
  • Depending on who is entering the house, it is possible to do much more with your fingerprint than simply opening the door – you can also save a lot of energy as the lighting, heating, and blinds are controlled intelligently.
  • These options can be configured on a user-specific basis – so the TV and the stove remain off when it‘s just the children at home, for example.
  • It is even possible to implement time-dependent authorizations: This means, for example, that the cleaner only has access to the house at certain times.

When it comes to the user-defined options, the only limit is the user‘s imagination.

  • For public buildings and companies, there is the option to record who has entered the building, as well as the time and location at which they have entered. This also makes it possible to use the system for time recording purposes.
  • What‘s more, information about whether an authorized finger has been swiped over the reader is available. If the person is not authorized, this information could be used to switch on the garden lighting and store a photo from the door camera in an archive, for example.
  • Using a logic in the building control system, it is possible to trigger a different command with each finger saved.

Automate your house intelligently, starting with an ekey fingerprint access control solution.


The advantages of ekey finger scanners in conjunction with building control systems are at your fingertips.


Unique identification creates the ideal conditions for a home automation system that works as efficiently as possible so that your house knows who is at home!

Highly innovative technology

  • State-of-the-art access solutions are a fundamental feature of advanced building concepts
  • Increase the value of the property

Person-specific configurations, for example

  • Children: Disable the stove, enable the camera in the house
  • Light setting control, heating/air conditioning control, shading

Access control

  • Thanks to the protocol, you know who triggered an action when and where!
  • It is also possible to use the system for time-recording purposes!
  • Information about whether an authorized finger has been swiped over the reader
  • Time-dependent authorizations, e.g., cleaner (Friday between 08.00 and 12.00)

Different actions can be triggered with different fingers, for example

  • Enabling/disabling the alarm system
  • Checking in and out (in the building control system)
  • Opening doors, gates, etc.
  • Switching various controls

Saving energy

  • E.g. by controlling complete sections of a building
  • By using predefined settings for lighting, blinds, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation
  • Holiday function

Accessibility for young and old alike is often a key consideration for customers. E.g. enabling the voice control using fingerprint identification


ekey interfaces for connecting the equipment to third-party systems:

ekey home CV LAN RS-485
ekey home CV LAN RS-485
ekey home CV WIEG RS-485
ekey home CV WIEG RS-485
ekey home CV KNX RS-485
ekey home CV KNX RS-485

ekey provides the right solution for every requirement!


ekey home

Single-point access solutions.

Control up to 3 functions
with just one finger scanner.

  • can store up to 99 fingerprints
  • can be used to control from 1 to 3 functions (e.g. door, gate and alarm system)
  • easy to operate via control panel or using the ekey home app (ekey finger scanner integra 2.0 Bluetooth)

ekey multi

Multi-point access solutions.

4 finger scanners are managed by a single control panel.

  • can store up to 99 fingerprints
  • supports up to 4 finger scanners
  • can be used to control up to 4 functions
  • programmable time slots
  • access log recording for every finger scanner
  • user-friendly operation via control panel
  • central user administration
  • user permissions can be assigned on a personalized basis

ekey net

Network access solutions.

The networkable access solution for companies, associations, and discerning households.

  • each finger scanner can store up to 2,000 fingerprints
  • supports up to 80 finger scanners
  • can be used to control up to 4 functions
  • programmable time slots
  • access log recording for every finger scanner
  • supports cross-site administration
  • central administration via PC
  • calendar function



Many well-known manufacturers put their trust in the reliable products and innovative technologies from ekey and integrate these as standard. 


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