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ekey finger scanner arte


With the ekey finger scanner arte in dimensions of 25 x 52 mm, Europe's No. 1 in fingerprint access solutions is presenting the small-format designer product.

With its elegant stainless-steel finger swipe area, the ekey finger scanner arte has been specially designed for flush installation in both designer doors and designer handles. Thanks to its compact design, the finger scanner can even be integrated discreetly into unusual door designs and fittings and is suitable for both internal and external doors.

The ekey finger scanner itself is equipped with intelligent software that transmits information to the control panel using encrypted communications, recognizes changes in user behavior, and learns more with every use.


ekey finger scanner arte


ekey finger scanner arte is now available with administration via App.

With the new ekey control panel micro plus, the ekey finger scanner arte can now be controlled by app. You can therefore open the door with your smartphone and enjoy all the benefits of operation via app which were previously reserved for the ekey finger scanner integra.

Thanks to this development, door and door handle manufacturers in particular have an operating concept which works with any model and is characterized by its user-friendly control: the ekey home app.

The intuitive menu navigation by smartphone enables the dealer, installer or end user to carry out activation quickly. All the important configuration settings, such as creating, managing, and deleting users, assigning authorizations for defined access, changing relay times, and much more can be carried out at any time by the owner (as the administrator).


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